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Annotator: NED annotation web app

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posted on 2022-01-31, 11:57 authored by Jarryd DunnJarryd Dunn
This is a zip from the Git repo ( for a web application created as part of a masters dissertation to label documents from the FHYA. The system runs was developed using Python and the Django frame work. More details about the system design and how to install it are available in the file in the zip.

The software allows plain text documents to be uploaded for users to label. Users label the documents by selecting spans of text which refer to a person (mentions) then linking the mention with a database record for the person to which they refer. If there is no record for the person new records can be created by a user. To increase the quality of the labels the system allows three users to annotate each document then calculates the labels based on the majority of the labels assigned by the three users.



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