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High-frequency correlation dynamics: Is the Epps effect a bias? - Julia Code

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posted on 2020-08-24, 11:14 authored by Patrick ChangPatrick Chang, Etienne PienaarEtienne Pienaar, Tim GebbieTim Gebbie
Julia code to aid reproducibility of Patrick Chang's Master's dissertation titled: "High-frequency correlation dynamics: Is the Epps effect a bias?" Supervised by Tim Gebbie and Etienne Pienaar.

Instructions for reproducibility can be found in the document.

The code contains the various functions used throughout the dissertation and script files to recover the results. Further included are some computed data, plots and GIFs.

The dissertation ties together and extends the suite of pre-prints written investigating whether the Epps effect is a bias or if correlations in the financial market are an emerging property of the time-scale.

The work was funded by the South African Statistical Association.

The datasets used in the dissertation can be found here:


South African Statistical Association



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