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Stata code to enable household expenditure and income classification for Income and Expenditure Survey 2005/6, 2010/11 and Living Conditions Survey 2015.

posted on 2021-02-09, 13:14 authored by James Reeler, Harald WinklerHarald Winkler
Stata .do files to process the IES 2005/6, IES 2010/11 and LCS 2015 datasets (prepared by StatsSA, and available from UCT DataFirst). Divides households into 14 percentile classes according to weighted expenditure and income, as detailed in the full thesis.

All household consumption expenditure is assigned to the classes, and is used in an analysis of the consumption-based emissions per household group.

Exports the household classes and relative consumption of each SU product class for use in the Excel SUT analysis.
Dataset includes a .csv file aligning all COICOP classes from the household surveys to the relevant SU product classes. These were determined using the COICOP-CPC equivalency tables from the metadata for each survey.

Software version used: Stata 15.1
StataCorp. 2017. Stata Statistical Software. College Station, Texas: StataCorp LLC.



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