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Ingoma - for Orchestra

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posted on 2021-07-20, 08:24 authored by Hendrik HofmeyrHendrik Hofmeyr
Score of Ingoma (1998, rev. 2000) for orchestra: "Prelude," "Lullaby - Thula, Babana," "Dance - Uqongqot'hwane" and "Postlude".

Ingoma is an orchestral work based on two Xhosa traditional songs. Apart from the brief introduction and coda, the work consists of two sections, respectively based on a well-known lullaby, "Thula, Babana", and the even better-known "Uqongqot'hwane". As in their traditional settings, the melodies are repeated a number of times, with gradual variation and accumulation of accompanying textures. In the case of "Uqongqot’hwane", these textures are derived from the motifs heard on the brass in the introduction. These motifs reappear in the coda, after the climactic combination of the two main melodies.

The work was commissioned by the Hugo Lambrechts Youth Orchestra. The "Lullaby" and "Dance" were intended for youth orchestra, while the "Prelude" and "Postlude", which may be omitted, are suitable for more advanced performers. Ingoma has also been arranged for flute quartet, recorder quartet, string quartet, viola quartet and string orchestra.

This is version 2 of this record; it differs from version 1 in that it includes a 'Creative Research Outputs Declaration Document'.



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