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Combined data from thin section analysis.xlsx (266.84 kB)

Aggregate Thin Section Analysis Data from the Fimbule Ice Shelf Expedition

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posted on 2023-06-07, 13:15 authored by Steven McewenSteven Mcewen, Sebastian SkatullaSebastian Skatulla, Keith MacHutchon


This dataset encompasses an Excel datasheet containing aggregate data from thin section analyses of ice samples from the Fimbule Ice Shelf, carried out during the 2021/2022 Antarctic expedition. The research forms a crucial part of the Master's research project: "Development of a Multi-tier System for the Analysis of Ice Crystallography of Antarctic Shelf Ice", conducted by Steven McEwen.

Each entry in the datasheet corresponds to a specific thin section or ice grain and includes the following parameters: Grid Number, A1 Axis Reading, A4 Reading, Corrected A4 values, number of readings, Mean C-axis Orientation, Grain Size, Date, Sample number, x-coordinate, y-coordinate, Degree of Orientation, and Spherical Aperture. These data points collectively facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the crystallography of the Fimbule Ice Shelf's ice samples.

Data was collected and analyzed during the 2021/2022 Antarctic summer expedition, with additional analysis being performed in the Polar engineering Research Group's laboratory.



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