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Allometric relationships shape foreleg evolution of long-legged oil bees (Melittidae: Rediviva)

posted on 18.05.2021, 13:03 by Res AltweggRes Altwegg, Annalie MelinAnnalie Melin, Jonathan F. Colville, John Manning
Data set used in the paper ‘Allometric relationships shape foreleg evolution of long-legged oil bees (Melittidae: Rediviva)’ by Annalie Melin, Res Altwegg, John C. Manning and Jonathan F. Colville 2021, Evolution 75:437-449

"Rediviva_allom_dataset.csv" contains the main morphological data used in the allometric analyses.

"Rediviva simplified treeUSE.nex" contains the phylogenetic tree used to check for phyologenetic dependence.

An R Markdown file with all the code necessary to reproduce the analysis can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/resaltwegg/Rediviva-allometry


Elizabeth Parker and the Mapula Trust (no grant number)

the Natural Science Collections Facility (no grant number)

NRF PDP postdoc fellowship grant no. UID127738

NRF RCA-fellowship grant no. 91442

NRF grant no. 119125



Statistics in Ecology, Environment and Conservation, Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Cape Town