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Characterisation of dust-sized coal particulates: X-ray Diffraction analysis, crystallite size calculation and reformatting of mineralogical data

posted on 2023-07-17, 07:15 authored by Conchita KamanziConchita Kamanzi, Megan BeckerMegan Becker, Johanna Von HoldtJohanna Von Holdt, Muazzam Jacobs, Jennifer L. Broadhurst

This dataset composes two excel workbooks which contain the resulting information of the XRD analysis conducted on 17 coal particulate samples. The first workbook contains three spreadsheets which demonstrate the quantitative identification and distribution of minerals amongst the samples.

Sheet 1 represents the minerals distributions and their normalised values calculated by accounting for the carbonaceous content in each sample. Sheet 2 contains the mineral to element conversion calculations. Sheet 3 presents the mineral distribution data in a format that this complementary to the mineral groups analysed by the QEMSCAN.

The second workbook contains one sheet which demonstrates the crystallite size of the main minerals within the samples (quartz, kaolinite, and pyrite).


SARChI Chair in Minerals Beneficiation UDI 64829

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