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Climate Change Literacy in Africa (code, shape-files and processed data sets)

posted on 2021-10-11, 06:40 authored by Nicholas SimpsonNicholas Simpson, Talbot Andrews, Christopher TrisosChristopher Trisos, Christopher LennardChristopher Lennard, Birgitt Ouweneel

This data set provides the supplemental code, data and shape-files for Simpson et al. 2021. Climate Change Literacy in Africa, Nature Climate Change.

Data set includes the following:

  1. Code for cleaning and merging the Afrobarometer data, as well as to run the analyses.
  2. Data set of national and sub-national climate change literacy rates for Africa.
  3. Data set of gender differences of national climate change literacy rates for Africa.
  4. Shape files presenting national and sub-national climate change literacy rates for Africa.
  5. Code and computed output files for climate trends extracted from ERA-5 experienced by Afrobarometer survey respondents for:
    1. the number of months per year in the past ten- and thirty-year periods in which temperature was above the 95th percentile (PPT),
    2. Standardized Precipitation-Evapotranspiration Index (SPEI),
    3. 3-month Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI),
    4. the duration of the longest dry spell (Max CDD) of the year.

Original datasets analysed during the current study are available from:

  1. the Afrobarometer repository, (all geolocation data has been removed from respondents in accordance with Afrobarometer data use protocols but can be accessed from the Afrobarometer).
  2. The ERA5-Land monthly data from the Copernicus Climate Data Store,!/home,
  3. EM-DAT – the international disaster database


UK Government’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and the International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, Canada (Grant No. 109419 – 001)

FLAIR Fellowship Programme: a partnership between the African Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society funded by the UK Government’s Global Challenges Research Fund



African Climate and Development Initiative (University of Cape Town, Cape Town) Climate System Analysis Group (University of Cape Town, Cape Town) Institute for Democracy Citizenship and Public Policy in Africa (University of Cape Town, Cape Town) Department of Political Science (University of Connecticut)