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Clinical Variables for the Adolescent Cohort Study in the Worcester region of South Africa

posted on 2020-04-14, 09:40 authored by Miguel Julio RodoMiguel Julio Rodo, Mark Hatherill, Thomas ScribaThomas Scriba, Stanley KimbungStanley Kimbung
The studies described in the referenced papers collected clinical and demographic data from adolescents aged 12-18 years from high schools in the area of Worcester, South Africa. This data item contains the clinical and demographic data collected.

clinical_data.csv, clinical_data.xlsx and clinical_data.rds contain the actual clinical data. They are identical except that the first is a CSV file, the second an XLSX file and the third an RDS file. The RDS file is useful because it can be read into R using `readRDS('clinical_data.rds')` and then retains the original variable types for each of the columns.
clinical_data-column_descriptions.txt describes what each of the columns are and contain.


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