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Confusion matrix for land cover classification of a single-date composite Sentinel-2 image.

posted on 2024-02-07, 10:40 authored by Keletso MoilweKeletso Moilwe, Vernon VisserVernon Visser, Glenn Moncrieff, Jasper SlingsbyJasper Slingsby

This dataset is from a master's thesis titled: Repeatable methods of classification in the Montane grasslands (2024). The dataset includes two data entries which produce Figure 2.4 as part of the master's thesis.

Firstly, the Excel spreadsheet contains a table representing the number of sites for that class that were correctly classified as that class as well as off-diagonal elements representing the misclassification between different land cover classes. Secondly, the r script formats, compiles and runs the Excel spreadsheet data and code to produce the confusion matrix.

Period of data collection: February 2020.

Location of data collection: Blyde River Canyon Conservancy and its surrounds, in Mpumalanga/Limpopo Provinces, South Africa.





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