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Conservation buffer circles do not currently capture the ranging behaviours of territorial raptors effectively and need to increase their radii.

posted on 2023-05-25, 10:46 authored by René BrinkRené Brink, Megan Murgatroyd, Sonja Krüger, Shane C McPherson, Petra SumasgutnerPetra Sumasgutner, Gareth J. Tate, Arjun AmarArjun Amar

Data that was created from the original tracking data that was sorted into various xlsx files according to the data that was created.

Data used in Thesis - Calculations.xlsx

This dataset contains all of the calculated data, along with information on each tagged bird (tagged time period, number of days tagged and number of GPS fixes). The tab labelled as "Figure 2f" contains calculations on how large the buffer circle would need to be to capture 95% of GPS fixes across all species. The data has been placed in a tabled format for easier viewing.

Data used in Thesis - R Calculations.xlsx

All data was calculated using the tracking data of the tagged species and their associated 95% buffer circle using R. This includes the calculation of the average home range area, percentage of GPS fixes captured, and the radius of the buffer circle. There are also the calculations carried out to determine how large the buffer circle needs to be to capture 95% of the GPS fixes.



Department of Biological Sciences; FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology; University of Cape Town