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Cytoskeletal Tubulin Competes with Actin to Increase Deformability of Metastatic Melanoma Cells (dataset)

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posted on 2020-12-14, 13:14 authored by Ghodeejah Higgins, Jade Peres, Muhammad H. Zaman, Dirk M. Lang, Sharon Prince, Thomas FranzThomas Franz
Quantitative data for manuscript Higgins G, Peres J, Abdalrahman T, Zaman MH, Lang DM, Prince S, Franz T. Cytoskeletal tubulin competes with actin to increase deformability of metastatic melanoma cells. Exp Cell Res 2020, 394(2): 112154.

One Excel file with four spread sheets:
1) Cell shape data,
2) Migration data,
3) Western blot data, and
4) Microrheology data.


National Research Foundation

South African Medical Research Council

Cancer Association of South Africa



Department of Human Biology