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Data: In silico stress fibre content affects strain level in cytoplasm and nucleus but not in cellular membrane

posted on 2019-09-19, 09:56 authored by Tamer Abdalrahman, Neil Hamer Davies, Thomas FranzThomas Franz
Input files of single cell finite element model for various parameter values as described in the companion paper (https://doi.org/10.1101/774976).

Input file name code:

X: Key for elastic modulus of substrate
1: 0.01 MPa, 2: 0.14 MPa, 3: 1 MPa, 4: 10 MPa

Y: Key for stress fibre volume fraction
0: 0%, 1: 1%, 10: 10%, 20: 20%

Please note that file Es1-0.inp is missing.


Grant UID92531, National Research Foundation, South Africa

Grant UID93542, National Research Foundation, South Africa

Grant SIR328148, South African Medical Research Council



Division of Biomedical Engineering Department of Human Biology