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Data for Effect of biomaterial stiffness on cardiac mechanics in a biventricular infarcted rat heart model with microstructural representation of in situ intramyocardial injectate

posted on 2022-05-18, 08:15 authored by Dodzi MotchonDodzi Motchon, Kevin L. Sack, Mazin S Sirry, Elin Pauwels, Denis Van Loo, Amélie De Muynck, Luc Van Hoorebeke, Neil DaviesNeil Davies, Thomas FranzThomas Franz

1. Excel files:

  • ED_ES_Strain_injectate.xlsx: End systolic/diastolic maximum and minimum principal strain for injectate
  • ED_ES_Strain_myocardium.xlsx: End systolic/diastolic myofibre and cross-fibre strain in the myocardium

2. Word document: ED_ES_Strain_statistical data.docx

  • End systolic and end diastolic descriptive statistics values in the myocarduim and the injectate region for Einj = 4.1 to 405900 kPa
  • Each table contains the mean, median, first and third quartile values from strain distribution
  • The data were obtained for (i) myofibre and cross-fibre strain (in myocardium) and (ii) maximum and minimum principal strain (in the injectate region)

3. Abaqus CAE file: BV_Model.cae

  • Abaqus file with the model details
  • Material parameters for the injectate and the myocarduim are implemented 

4. Python files (as zip archive): 

  • \Python Codes Ploting Box plots\Injectate\
  • loads strain data and plot box plot figures of injectate
  • contains function to plot histograms and box plots
  • \Python Codes Ploting Box plots\myocardium\
  • loads strain data and plot box plot figures of myocardium
  • contains function to plot histograms and box plots


National Research Foundation of South Africa (IFR14011761118 to TF)

South African Medical Research Council (SIR328148 to TF)

CSIR Centre for High-Performance Computing (CHPC Flagship Project Grant IRMA9543 to TF)

Dr. Leopold und Carmen Ellinger Stiftung (UCT Three-Way PhD Global Partnership Programme Grant DAD937134 to TF)



Department of Human Biology Faculty of Health Sciences University of Cape Town