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Data for "An exploratory study on the role of the stiffness of breast cancer cells in their detachment from spheroids and migration in 3D collagen matrices"

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posted on 2022-04-25, 05:41 authored by Ghodeejah HigginsGhodeejah Higgins, Jessica E Kim, Jacopo Ferruzzi, Tamer Abdalrahman, Thomas FranzThomas Franz, Muhammad H Zaman
Quantitative data for article G Higgins, JE Kim, J Ferruzzi, T Abdalrahman, T Franz, MH Zaman,
Decreased cell stiffness facilitates cell detachment and cell migration from breast cancer spheroids in 3D collagen matrices of different rigidity. bioRxiv, 2020,

One Excel file with two spreadsheets:
* Spreadsheet 'Spheroids in 2 mgml C': Data for experiments in collagen matrix with 2 mg/ml collagen concentration
* Spreadsheet 'Spheroids in 4 mgml C': Data for experiments in collagen matrix with 4 mg/ml collagen concentration

Data in each spreadsheet includes mitochondrial MSD and intracellular fluidity at different delay times tau for cells at different distances from the cell spheroid, i.e. 0dc, 4dc and 6 dc (dc refers to cell diameter).


National Research Foundation of South Africa, grant IFR14011761118 to TF

South African Medical Research Council, grant SIR328148 to TF

Translational Research in Biomaterials

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