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Desert Diamond CPUE series to be used in updating the horse mackerel assessment in 2016

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Table 1 reports the Standardised CPUE for the period 2003-2014 (the agreed delta log normal series which takes area effects into account) – column a. The nominal Desert Diamond CPUE series (column e) is also available, where data for the Jan-Mar period is reported/utilized for the 2004-2015 period i.e. some information from the most recent 2015 season is available.

The idea is that the Standardised CPUE series can be extended to 2015 using a scaling parameter obtained from comparing the renormalized nominal series using either all the common data (column f), only the years 2007-2014 (column g) or only the years 2011-2014 (column h), and then using the same scaling factors (between the standardized and nominal series) for extrapolation to produce a 2015 value for the standardized series, i.e. producing columns b, c, and d respectively.



Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Cape Town