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Detailed Inventory and Geolocation of Fimbule Ice Core Crates Extracted During 2021/2022 Antarctic Expedition

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posted on 2023-06-08, 07:28 authored by Steven McewenSteven Mcewen, Arthur EconiArthur Econi, Keith MacHutchon, Sebastian SkatullaSebastian Skatulla


This dataset represents the inventory and geolocation details of ice core crates extracted from the Fimbule ice shelf during the 2021/2022 Antarctic summer expedition.  It is part of the Master's research project: "Development of a Multi-tier System for the Analysis of Ice Crystallography of Antarctic Shelf Ice", conducted by Steven McEwen. 

The dataset contains details such as crate labeling data used for storage and referencing purposes, as well as the precise latitude and longitude of each ice core extraction site, with the corresponding decimal conversion of these values.

The period of data collection spans the 2021/2022 Antarctic summer expedition.

The data was collected in the Fimbule ice shelf region in Antarctica. The geolocation data corresponds to the specific sites of core extraction.



Computational Continuum Mechanics Research Group (CCM)