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Distribution Pre-Electrification Tool

posted on 2019-10-25, 08:23 authored by Marcus Dekenah, Schalk Heunis

Eskom Distribution Pre-Electrification Tool (Distribution PET) is a software application for predicting domestic consumer ADMD (with Herman Beta Parameters), Consumption and the load profile for a group of typically 60 or more consumers.

Distribution PET has been derived after extensive research by the authors, using data collected during the course of the NRS Load Research project since 1995.

The results of load predictions have been confirmed to follow very closely what was actually measured from groups of consumers in the field.

The prediction is “driven” with information about gross household income for the target community. Therefore a diligent assessment of income levels is essential.

Boundaries of operation

  • At this time, the application has the following boundaries:
  • Average household income 100-25 000 (in 2014 Rands)
  • Project time electrified in range1-15 years (inclusive)
  • Geographical boundaries: The tool is only designed to operate inside the boundaries of South Africa.

Period of validity

  • The current version of the application is designed to auto-update itself whenever there is new data or models available, over the internet. Typically data and profile models are reviewed every 3-4 years.

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