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Drivers of Leopard Density: Data (Rogan et al.)

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posted on 2021-11-08, 14:43 authored by Matt RoganMatt Rogan, Greg Distiller, Guy Balme, Ross Pitman, Gareth Mann, Shannon Dubay, Gareth Whittington-Jones, Lisa ThomasLisa Thomas, Joleen Broadfield, Thandiwe Knutson, M. Justin O'RiainM. Justin O'Riain
These data are the inputs for multi-session spatial capture-recapture models to investigate the drivers of leopard (Panthera pardus) density among and within 27 study sites in South Africa. The files are formatted for use with R package "secr" (see for more information). Data were collected by Panthera's Southern Africa Leopard Monitoring Program and processed by Panthera's Integrated Data Systems team. Contact Matt Rogan ( for information about the data presented here and for information about unprocessed camera-trap survey data.

The data consist of a multi-session capture history file (ms.chcapt.txt), 27 trap files (ms.chtrap[SITE].txt), and two spatial layers: a polygon shapefile denoting potential leopard habitat used to define the model statespace and a polygon shapefile denoting non-protected terrestrial areas of Southern Africa.

This is an initial release of the code and data for the Rogan et al. manuscript, "Troubled spots: Human impacts constrain the density of an apex predator inside protected areas," which has been provisionally accepted for publication in Ecological Applications.



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