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How well do buffer circles capture the ranging behaviours of territorial raptors? CSV data sets for 2019/2020 Masters Thesis

posted on 2020-06-17, 11:20 authored by René BrinkRené Brink
Data that was created from the original tracking data that was sorted into various csv files according to what was being analysed. All data was calculated using the 95% buffer circle. Big_ranges.csv includes all of the home ranges areas for the two vulture species that had significantly large home range areas. Buffers.csv contains the percentage of the average home range area captured within a certain-sized buffer circle for each species. GPS_fixes_and_KDE_area_95%.csv contains the data for what percentage of GPS fixes and the Kernel area captured within the calculated buffer circle during the Annual, Breeding and Non-breeding period. Home_ranges_95%.csv has the average home range area per tagged individual, average home range area per species, and the calculated 95% buffer circle radius per species.



Department of Biological Sciences; FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology; University of Cape Town