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Impact data of some youth who applied for the Chrysalis Academy

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posted on 20.04.2020, 07:51 by Sandra MkandawireSandra Mkandawire
This data was obtained from some youth from Cape Town who applied for the Chrysalis Academy programme; both those who were selected and completed the programme and those who were not selected into the programme.

It includes post programme data about the outcomes of these individuals. The data was used in a formative evaluation of the programme to assess the impact of the programme.

The CA programme is geared to help youth in the Western Cape develop the skills and resilience needed to transcend the prevailing poverty, inequality, unemployment and crime in their communities.

Chrysalis offers a 3-month residential and 5 year After-Care programme for NEET youth aged 18-25 that includes life and vocational skills training as well as counselling and community service.

The programme also includes a 2-week outdoor/wilderness component that is deemed crucial to the success of the programme.

This data was acquired between 2018 and 2019.



Organisational Psychology, University of Cape Town