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Innate and adaptive immune cell responses to recent M.tb infection

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posted on 11.02.2021, 06:30 by Tessa Lloyd, Cheleka Mpande, Pia Steigler, Elisa Nemes, Thomas Scriba, Virginie Rozot, Timothy Reid, Mark Hatherill, Boitumelo Mosito, Constance Schreuder, Francesca Little

This dataset includes Innate and adaptive effector responses that were measured in stimulated PBMCs using flow cytometry. Five stimulations were used to induce M.tb and non-specific T cell responses in the adaptive dataset. The variables include a combination of 5 effector functions (IL2, TNF, IFNg, CD107, CD154) produced by CD4+ and CD8+ T cells upon stimulation. Combinations of the phenotypic markers CD45RA, CCR7, CD27, KLRG1, HLA-DR and CXCR3 were further measured on IFNg, IL2 or TNF producing T cells (total Th1).

In the innate dataset, effector responses were measured in unstimulated PBMC or after stimulation with M.tb-lysate. The variables in this dataset included a combination of 6 functions (Granzyme B, IL6, IL10, IL12, IFNg, TNF) produced by NK cells, B cells, monocytes, and DURT cells.

This dataset was used in the manuscript Multidimensional analysis of immune response identified biomarkers of recent Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. See the full manuscript for more details. A dictionary sheet is also included.



South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative