List of Presentations - PROTEA Workshop 2019

List of all available presentations given as part of the Inaugural PROTEA (Partnerships for Children with Heart Disease in Africa) Workshop hosted by the Children’s Heart Disease Research Unit under the directorship of A/Prof Liesl Zuhlke and in conjunction with the Paediatric Cardiology Service of the Western Cape (13 - 16 March 2019).

A first in Africa, this workshop combined four events: a research methods workshop, a basic echocardiography (echo) workshop, two days of advanced echo as well as a rheumatic heart disease research think-tank. 130 delegates from 19 different countries representing all six continents attended the event, making it truly global and giving attendees the opportunity to meet and network with experts in the fields of rheumatic and congenital heart disease.

The above table contains the following information and links:

Number: Number of presentation
Date: Date of presentation
Series: Basic Echo or Advanced Echo
Presentation Title: Title of presentation
Presenter(s): Name of person who presented
Recording or Slides: Indicates whether presentation is slide PDF or video MP4
DOI: Lists the DOI to the presentation