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MIS-C RNA immune gene expression data

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posted on 2022-07-27, 19:34 authored by Timothy SpracklenTimothy Spracklen, Kate WebbKate Webb

Quantitative PCR results for 80 immune genes of interest from patients with multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) and other controls: healthy non-inflammatory paediatric controls, Kawasaki disease, lupus, and other inflammatory conditions. Data is presented as 1/deltaCT values computed for each transcript relative to mean of three reference transcripts (ACTR3, CDC42, USF2). Transcripts of interest were pre-amplified using a pool of 96 TaqMan primer-probe assays. Pre-amplified cDNA, along with an internal positive control and a no-template (water) control, and the 96 primer-probe assays, were loaded into a microfluidic 96.96 Gene Expression Integrated Fluidic Circuit (Fluidigm) and gene expression of individual transcripts was then quantified by quantitative real time PCR performed on a BioMark HD (Fluidigm) instrument. The following parameters were applied for extracting cycle threshold (CT) values: Linear (Derivative) baseline correction, Quality Threshold of 0.3 and Auto (Global) for Ct Threshold Method using Fluidigm software version 4.5.2. 

Column headings and descriptions

A1 - Sample_code - deidentified sample identifier

B1 - Disease_group - disease group (healthy control, juvenile systemic lupus erythematosus, Kawasaki disease, inflammatory (sepsis) control, or MIS-C

C1 - Treatment - treatment by the timepoint (none, or various combinations of IVIG and/or medrol)

D1 - Treat_time_(hrs_since_1st_treatment) - time in hours since the first treatment (described in C1)

E1-CF1 - [gene names] - expression of the gene name indicated in the column heading


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