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National Climate Change Profiles:Enhancing the capacity of African countries to use climate information to inform decision making

posted on 2019-04-15, 08:55 authored by Roland Hunter, Christopher, Jack, Mark NewMark New, Lisa van Aardenne, Alice McClure, Anna Steynor, Piotr Wolski, Alex Apostos, Hillton Trollip
This national climate change profile, a series of 25 national-level assessments, is the product of the African Development Bank-led project “Enhancing the capacity of African countries to use climate information to inform decision-making and implement NDCs”,

The ACDI, ERC and CSAG co-produced high quality, useful climate profiles for up to 25 African countries. This process involved consistent engagement throughout with the AfDB team, as well as a Scoping and Piloting Phases to support the development of a robust methodology for producing actionable and defendable climate profiles. The purpose of these climate profiles is to support AfDB decision-making in various ways, and the profiles are therefore tailored to support existing screening tools such as the Climate Safeguards System (CSS), and associated Modules (such as the Adaptation Review and Evaluations Procedures Modules, and Adaptation Factsheet Building). The process was designed to deliver data and the interpretation of that data that will be useful for facilitating decision making at a range of decision-making levels, including development of Country Strategy Papers, sector policies, analytical work and project level decision-making.


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