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Niche specificity influences gene flow across fine-scale habitat mosaics in Succulent Karoo plants

posted on 2020-10-30, 08:06 authored by Seth MuskerSeth Musker, G. Anthony Verboom, Allan G. Ellis, Stephen SchlebuschStephen Schlebusch
ddocent_C-calculus.vcf.gz and ddocent_R-burtoniae.vcf.gz: VCF (variant call format) files represent SNP data derived from each of the two focal species. They are compressed with gzip.

GBS_Key.csv: key file supplied by the Cornell Genomics Institute assigning barcodes to genotyped samples.

Common_garden.csv contains growth data from the transplant experiment.

Community_comp.csv contains presence/absence data of Aizoaceae species in the 5m2 plots at the four study sites.

NLME_CI_functions.R: functions used to analyse growth data.

Transplant_analysis_burtoniae.R and Transplant_analysis_calculus.R: scripts used to analyse growth data.


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