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Spatial Data: Spatio-temporal dynamics of riparian vegetation in the Kruger National Park

posted on 2020-02-07, 10:59 authored by Joshua WeissJoshua Weiss
GIS data generated from and for project. Includes shapefiles and KML files of sites and buffered areas as well as other GIS data such as rivers of the Kruger National Park.
Data includes:
- Flow gauge station locations in study area and snapped to nearest river line
- Park boundary
- 150 m2 grid intersecting the study area buffers
- Catchment areas (level 4)
- 1 km buffer from rivers in study
- 5 km buffer area around gauging stations with camps and rangers residences excluded
- Clip of 300 m buffer from river line within 5 km station buffer
- River area in each site according to topographic maps
- Rivers of Kruger National Park and within intersecting sub-catchments (including outside park)
- Vegetation Types (SANBI 2018) within study sites



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