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Studying the Role of Mechanical Properties of Cancer Cells in Tumour Detachment, Migration and Secondary Tumour Formation

posted on 2022-06-30, 00:10 authored by Ghodeejah HigginsGhodeejah Higgins, Jade Peres, Muhammad H. Zaman, Thomas FranzThomas Franz
Data for chapters 3, 4 and 5 of PhD thesis.

1 Data file
File name: Chapter_3_Data
Number of worksheets: 4
* Shape Statistics (area and circularity measurements)
* Migration Data
* WD Densometric Readings (western blot data) and
* Microrheology Data

3 Data files
File 1: Chapter_4_Microrheology Data
Data: Mitochondrial mean square displacement (MSD) and intracellular fluidity (α, Alpha)
Number of worksheets: 4
Worksheet name - Description of data
* D1 MSD - MSD data of isolated cells on Day 1
* D1 Alpha - Fluidity α of isolated cells on Day 1
* D7 MSD - MSD data of cell clusters on Day 7
* D7 Alpha - Fluidity α of cell clusters on Day 7

File 2: Morphology Data
Data: Morphometric descriptors of cells, i.e. cell area, cell roundness
Number of worksheets: 1

File 3: Chapter_4_TBX3 Data
Data: Intracellular TBX3 expression levels
Number of worksheets: 1

1 Data file
File name: Chapter_5_Data
Data: Mitochondrial MSD and intracellular power law coefficient alpha at different delay times tau for cells at different distances from the cell spheroid, i.e. 0dc, 4dc and 6 dc (dc refers to cell diameter).
Number of worksheets: 2
* Spreadsheet 'Spheroids in 2 mgml C': Data for experiments in collagen matrix with 2 mg/ml collagen concentration
* Spreadsheet 'Spheroids in 4 mgml C': Data for experiments in collagen matrix with 4 mg/ml collagen concentration


National Research Foundation of South Africa, Grant UID 93542, PI: T Franz

South African Medical Research Council, Grant SIR 328148, PI: T Franz



University of Cape Town Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Human Biology