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Systematic study of liquid and solute flow in packed rock beds in the context of heap leaching: residence time distribution

posted on 11.12.2019, 11:59 authored by Alexey CherkaevAlexey Cherkaev, Susan T L HarrisonSusan T L Harrison, Jochen Petersen
The data presents the residence time distribution (RTD) studies performed on packed rock beds. Particle size distribution of rock beds and irrigation flow rates were varied. The measurements were performed using a conductivity meter.

"RTD-meta.csv" presents a general information about each experiment.

"RTD-calibration-measurements.csv" and "RTD-calibration-fit.csv" contains the information on conductivity meter calibration.

"Bouffard-U10Z058.csv" is the table of RTD experiments from Bouffard and Dixon (2001), obtained by tracing the graphs in those publications.

"RTD-analysis.nb" is Mathematica notebook that goes through the transformation of the raw RTD data (voltage vs time) to the dimensionless F- and E-curves.


SARChI in Bioengineering Research, University of Cape Town



Chemical Engineering Department, University of Cape Town

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