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Umoya omuhle: Infection prevention and control for drug-resistant tuberculosis in South Africa in the era of decentralised care: A whole systems approach. Research question 3 and 4 Western Cape

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posted on 2022-09-16, 06:35 authored by Christopher ColvinChristopher Colvin, alison swartz, Idriss KallonIdriss Kallon, Karina Kielmann, Hayley MacgregorHayley Macgregor

The study examines effect on IPC of clinic design, working practices and elicit HCW ideas of responsibility and risk for IPC from 2018-2020. This data set contains the following information:

  • Blank Consent Forms
  • Description
  • Interview Guides
  • Interview Transcripts
  • Methodology File and Fieldwork Guide
  • Read Me File


Economic and Social Research Council (UK) (grant reference: ES/P008011/1)



School of Public Health and Family Medicine