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Validity of using expert judgements to inform multicriteria decision support for selecting technologies for sustainable reuse of sulfide-enriched fine coal waste: Data and calculations

posted on 2023-03-15, 13:44 authored by Helene-Marie StanderHelene-Marie Stander, Brett Cohen, Susan T L HarrisonSusan T L Harrison, Jennifer L. Broadhurst

This item contains the data, value function analysis and distinguishability analysis for selection of technology options for the reuse of South African sulfide-enriched fine coal waste. Due to the lack of data to inform decision support, alternative data was obtained by asking experts in minerals processing and design to fill in a decision questionnaire. 

Two excel workbooks contain the data for the overall expert group and a subset of 'high quality' experts (who also granted interviews) respectively. One of the workbooks contain the overall expert group analysis, but with standard deviations reduced to mimic random (rather than high quality) four-expert data. This was done to test whether the improvement in distinguishability was due to sampling effects or improved expert quality. The last excel workbook is an example of the decision rubrik that the experts received to fill in.


SARChI Chair in Minerals Beneficiation UID 64829



Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cape Town