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Water Energy Nexus - Dissemination

posted on 2019-10-25, 08:10 authored by Fadiel Ahjum, Bruno MervenBruno Merven, Adrian Stone

Dissemination material (incl. reports and workshop presentations for WB Energy-Water Nexus project.

The interdependency between water and energy is growing in importance as demands for both water and energy increase. Several regions of the world are already experiencing water and energy security challenges, which adversely affect sustainable economic growth. In addition, the world’s population is expected to grow, which will in turn increase demand for water and energy, especially in fast-growing developing countries.

The project aims to represent the evolving cost of water to the technologies represented in an energy system’s planning model, ERC’s SATIM model, by representing the planned augmentation schemes for key water supply regions to 2050 and their projected costs and capacities. This will thus be a water-smart energy planning model (SATIM-W) which is hoped will give powerful insights into infrastructure decisions when combined with climate scenarios.



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