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EGS3021: Sustainability and the EnvironmentPractical: Vulnerability video2019 outline - Guidance document for 3rd year student vulnerability video project

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posted on 2023-03-14, 12:53 authored by Gina ZiervogelGina Ziervogel

This document outlines the process students were expected to follow for their 3rd year project making climate change vulnerability videos. 


Decide on a research question to frame your group’s vulnerability assessment that you will 

undertake during your visits. The question should be about a certain person/individual and 

how they reduced their vulnerability to the drought. Although you might focus on their 

sensitivity, the intention is to capture how people adapted to the drought.  Two vulnerability 

assessment tools should be used with the individual/group you visit to form the basis of your 

video documentation.  The implementation of the tools can be supported by other video 

material (text, photos, stories, music).  

During the prac you will get into a group of 4 people, preferably those you don’t know. The 

reason for this is to encourage you to work with those you don’t know, as often different 

perspectives can strengthen insight into vulnerability as well as concepts for the video.  

During the prac you will pilot the 2 methods you have chosen with your group.  Refining the 

methods will depend on who you are able to visit and film.  In your group, plan your process 

and the steps that will be needed to produce a video. Everyone has different strengths to bring. 

Discuss who you think will undertake different roles (planning the visit, interviewing/running 

tools, translating, filming, editing, selecting music etc).  

At the end of the session one member must make a presentation to the class, on flipchart paper,

of the intended focus of the vulnerability assessment, 2 methods chosen and filming plan. 



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