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H3Africa Genotyping Chip Data Analysis and GWAS workshop (600.86 MB)

H3Africa Genotyping Chip Data Analysis and GWAS workshop 2018 Training Videos

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posted on 2022-03-04, 09:06 authored by Scott Hazelhurst, Gerrit Botha, Shaun Aron, Ayton MeintjesAyton Meintjes, Suresh MaslamoneySuresh Maslamoney, Sumir PanjiSumir Panji, Mamana MbiyavangaMamana Mbiyavanga

This is an archive containing training materials for the H3ABioNet course: “H3Africa Genotyping Chip Data Analysis and GWAS workshop, 2018”.

Brief description of the course:

The H3Africa chip is being used by the H3Africa projects to generate data that will need to be analysed.

The course consisted of two components; a series of online lectures provided by experts in that specific domain. These are to introduce the main concepts and theory behind population genetics and GWAS. The second part of the course for selected participants was a practical Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) workshop on the analysis of H3Africa genotyping data using the H3ABioNet GWAS and Imputation workflows.

Intended Audience: People who would like to learn more about genotyping, calling, QC and running a GWAS study for the online lectures. H3Africa project members who will be undertaking the analysis of the genotype data from the H3Africa chip, and who had data available for the practical course.

Course trainers/authors:

Mamana Mbiyavanga | H3ABioNet, University of Cape Town

Ayton Meintjes | H3ABioNet, University of Cape Town

Suresh Maslamoney | H3ABioNet, University of Cape Town

Gerrit Botha | H3ABioNet, University of Cape Town

Shaun Aron | H3ABioNet, University of Witwatersrand

Sumir Panji | H3ABioNet, University of Cape Town

Scott Hazelhurst | H3ABioNet, University of Witwatersrand

Course level: Advanced

The archive contains the following items:

  • Trainer/creator file containing the names of the person/s responsible for organising and delivering the course

  • Course information file - which contains the original information about the course and includes a course schedule

  • Lecture videos - slides loaded separately


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