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Practical Course on Gene/Protein Functional Networks and Interactomes Training Material Archive

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posted on 2022-03-04, 07:57 authored by Javier De Las Rivas

This is an archive containing training materials for the H3ABioNet course: “Practical Course on Gene/Protein Functional Networks and Interactomes”.

Brief description of the course:

This was a short practical course on Bioinformatics for biologists, molecular biologists or young researchers working in the field of biomedical or biological sciences who are interested in learning, in a practical way, how to build and explore gene and protein networks and how to place in a relational context (i.e. in a network-based context) the lists of genes or proteins, often derived from genomic or proteomic analyses.

Course trainers/authors:

Dr. Javier De Las Rivas

Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics Group

Cancer Research Center (CiC-IBMCC, CSIC/USAL)

University of Salamanca, Spain

Course sponsor/organisers:

Computational Biology Group (CBIO), H3ABioNet and the University of Salamanca and the Spanish National Research Council (USAL/CSIC, Spain)

Course level: Introductory

The archive contains the following items:

  • Trainer/creator file containing the names of the person/s responsible for organising and delivering the course

  • Course information file - which contains the original information about the course and includes a course schedule

  • Lecture materials which include lecture slides, tutorials and datasets

This upload was performed by: Verena Ras | H3ABioNet Training and Outreach Coordinator


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