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Addendum to MARAM/IWS/DEC16/Peng Clos/P1a rev

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posted on 2021-12-21, 08:12 authored by Andrea Ross-GillespieAndrea Ross-Gillespie, Doug ButterworthDoug Butterworth
This document provides individual plots of the integration process (i.e. plots of the detection probability
curves superimposed onto the assumed prior distributions similar to Figure 1 of MARAM/IWS/DEC16/Peng
Clos/P1a rev) for all the runs in Table 7 of MARAM/IWS/DEC16/Peng Clos/P1a rev.

Plots are shown first for Dassen Island, then for Robben Island. Each page contains the full set of results for
a given data set and island. Each row shows the plots for the five years that were evaluated for a particular
model variant, and each row is labelled with a number corresponding to the numbering of the model variants
in Table 3 of MARAM/IWS/DEC16/Peng Clos/1a rev.



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