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GFRP V-structure blast simulation results graphs

This is the data from the thesis titled:

Response of composite and steel V-structures to localised air blast loading (2023)

This compressed folder contains the graphs generated from the GFRP V-structure blast simulations. The files have first been separated based on the V-angle and fibre orientation. In each of the subfolders, the V-tip radii and charge mass configurations were varied. Included in the files are pdf graphs generated in MATLAB of the mid-point displacement time histories, total projected delaminated areas, and peak transient deformed ridge profiles.

The first zipped folder titled - contains five subfolders labelled:






- The first four folders labelled 105_00_90, 105_45_45, 120_00_90, 120_45_45 are labelled for the V-angle of the V-structure simulated and the fibre orientation - i.e. either 0 deg/90 deg or +45 deg/-45 deg.

- They contain subfolders for each simulation performed, i.e. different V-tip radii and charge masses.

- These subfolders contain the ridge profiles and the mid-point displacement time histories.

- Also included are the total projected delaminated area as a png file.

- Where experimental data is available, the comparisons are also provided here.

- The folder labelled Graphs contains a series of graphs. These consider the influence of V-angle, fibre orientation, and charge mass on the performance metrics of the GFRP V-structures, i.e. impulse transferred, peak deformation, and total projected delaminated area.


81802 - National Research Foundation (South Africa) - Composites for Transport Structures

111737 - National Research Foundation (South Africa) - Influence of Geometric Shape on the Blast Loading and Response Characteristics of Plated Structures



Blast Impact and Survivability Research Unit (BISRU) Centre, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Cape Town