PLOS Pathogens publication: A comparison of antigen-specific T cell responses induced by six novel tuberculosis vaccine candidates.

Tuberculosis (TB) causes more deaths than any other single infectious disease, and a new, improved vaccine is needed to control the epidemic. Many new TB vaccine candidates are in clinical development, but only one or two can be advanced to expensive efficacy trials. In this study, we compared magnitude and functional attributes of memory T cell responses induced in recently conducted clinical trials by six TB vaccine candidates, as well as BCG.

The results suggest that these vaccines induced CD4 and CD8 T cell
responses with similar functional attributes, but that one vaccine, M72/AS01 E , induced the largest responses. This finding may indicate a lack of diversity in T cell responses induced by different TB vaccine candidates. A repertoire of vaccine candidates that induces more diverse immune response characteristics may increase the chances of finding a protective vaccine against TB.