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A rapid review of factors influencing clinical supervision supplementary files.docx (84.89 kB)

Factors influencing clinical supervision of undergraduate Occupational Therapy students during practice learning in the Global South: a rapid review

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posted on 2023-10-26, 13:49 authored by Adele Ebrahim, Marais Jaime, Kiara Perumal, Sarah Philpott, Bianca Rooseboom, Kayla Shefer, Shireen Damonse, Patricia ChikuniPatricia Chikuni

This supplementary file contains the search strategy for a rapid review and the list of included studies:

Supplementary file 1: Search strategy and results table

Supplementary file 2: Screening Exclusion Documentation

Supplementary file 3: Risk of bias assessment and reporting

Supplementary file 4:Colour coded key for representing bias according to the CASP tool



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