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A demonstration of a 'pick up and pinch' finger-picking guitar technique called ('Optel en Knyp')

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posted on 2019-03-13, 11:03 authored by Engela BritzEngela Britz
In this audio sample, Alfred Basson demonstrates a finger-picking guitar technique known as 'optel en knyp' (pick up and pinch), whereby the thumb works the bass strings (optel) while the first and second fingers play a melody on the first three strings (knyp). From 00'07'' - 00'09'', Britz asks, "So jy gebruik net twee fingers hierso? [So you're only using two fingers here?] to which Basson agrees by nodding. From 00'15'' - 00'31'', Basson contrasts straightforward 'optel en knyp' with his preferred style of playing, in which he combines 'optel en knyp' with strumming. From 00'21'' - 00'25'', Basson says, "Nou, sien jy, ek strum en ek tel op" [Now, you see, I strum and I pick up].This audio sample was recorded by Engela Britz on July 23, 2018, in Clanwilliam, Western Cape, South Africa. It accompanies Engela Britz's (2019) minor dissertation entitled "Songs in the Dust: Riel Music in the Northern and Western Cape, South Africa."



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