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A yodel-like vocal technique called ('Nxarra', 'Tjeedel' or 'Kwêr')

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posted on 2019-03-13, 10:35 authored by Engela BritzEngela Britz

This audio sample contains three extracts. In these three extracts, riel singers employ a yodel-like vocal technique known as 'nxarra', 'tjeedel' or 'kwêr'. The Extracts are from 'Die Bloupoort' (Carnarvon), 'My Boesmanland' (Brandvlei), and 'Kriebêrre toe!' (Loeriesfontein) found on the music album, Ruk en Riel: Volume 1 (2016), released by the ATKV. The author worked as assistant director on the album and the content is used with permission from the ATKV for academic purposes.The audio sample accompanies Engela Britz's (2019) minor dissertation entitled "Songs in the Dust: Riel Music in the Northern and Western Cape, South Africa."



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