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Data School Diary - Day 05 - Predatory Argos

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posted on 2019-10-09, 13:40 authored by Sanjin MuftićSanjin Muftić
Audio diary: Day 5 of CODATA-RDA Research Data Science School 2019 held at the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Grignano, near Trieste in Italy between August 5 and August 16.

Sessions discussed include: Copyright and Data Licensing with Gail Clement (CalTech); Contextualizing Open Science with Louise Bezuidenhout (INSIS, University of Oxford); RDM Lab with Steve Diggs (Scripps Institute, UCSD).

End of the Week 0:00.000
Dramatic Publishing 1:47.725
Project Credit 3:49.801
Stealing Credit 5:46.972
Our Open Science 6:51.005
Does Data Lie? 8:40.000
RDM Lab 10:51.862
Data Steward Task 13:37.002
Other Stewards 15:43.014
1st week Reflections 16:27.165
Farewell 17:10.400

Refers to events of 2019-08-09. Recorded with Tascam DR-05 on 2019-08-10 between Trieste and Venice. Processed with Adobe Audition.


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