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Marginal ice zone features in the Southern Ocean

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posted on 24.05.2019, 07:11 by Marcello Vichi, Clare Eayrs, Alberto Alberello, Luke Bennetts, David Holland, Warren Joubert, Gabriele Messori, Miguel Onarato, Sebastian Skatulla, Alessandro Toffoli, Jhon Mojica, Ehlke de Jong, Clinton Saunders, Anriette Becker, Keith MacHutchon

Effects of an explosive polar cyclone crossing the Antarctic marginal ice zone
Marcello Vichi, Clare Eayrs, Alberto Alberello, Anriëtte Bekker, Luke Bennetts, David Holland, Ehlke de Jong, Warren Joubert, Keith MacHutchon, Gabriele Messori, Jhon Mojica, Miguel Onorato, Clinton Saunders, Sebastian Skatulla, Alessandro Toffoli

Supplementary material
Geophysical Research Letter

This footage was taken from a fixed camera during the MIZ operations on board the SA Agulhas II on 4th July 2017 (between 10:00 and 13:00 GMT). The first minute shows the navigation through the interior of the pancake ice field. This period corresponds to the automatic sea ice measurements (Alberello et al., 2019) shown in Fig. 2b. The video also shows the deployment of 2 buoys on different floes about 30 m apart (from minute 1:10).


NRF SANAP 112632, 93089, 104839, 105858



Department of Oceanography and Marine Research Institute

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