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When Memories Break

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posted on 2019-12-12, 06:13 authored by Danny JonesDanny Jones

Performed on 29 November 2019 at The Little Theatre, Hiddingh Campus.

When Memories Break sets out to navigate ways of decolonising oppressive dominance and investigating the ramifications of indoctrination in dance.

The purpose of this research is not to depict Classical Ballet as a current colonialist art form but rather to draw attention to what it represented during the years of colonialism, apartheid, and the aftermath of that. And it is against this background that I explore the issues related to the relationship I have with my dance training to date.

Ayana/Afrika Ablaze Cast:

Danny Jones

Quisha Dawood

Lauren Jacobs

Robyn-Dee Van Neel

Wade Segers

Davante Donjeany

Lindiwe Le Brasseur

Achaia Beukes

Ntando Mtsi

Zeah Jeaven

Charissa Page

Jazmin-Lee Prins

Michaela Hardenberg

Tyra Van der Vent

Sage Van der Vent

Cassey Reines

Zara-Lee Gorridon

Sandra Floris

Che-Lin Floris

Sade Adams

Hayley Greenwood

Special Thanks:

Glenda Jones

Daniel Jones

Rikki Solomon

Gino Solomon

Cindy Solomon

Charlie Jane Jacobs

Mujaheed Yassiem

Miguel Angel Paredes

jacki job

Veronica Baxter

Mark Fleishman

Ronel Jordaan

Moeneeb Dalwai

Lungile Cindi

Shamiel Abrahams

Nawaal Gallant

Carmen Prins

Kelly Van der Vent

Grant and Carol Reines

Cebisa Mtsi

Meshaye Wichman

Bridgett Jeaven

Dennis Meyer

Wynberg High School

Edwill Meyer



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