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Annotation of the H3Africa genotyping array

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posted on 2020-12-08, 09:42 authored by Ayton MeintjesAyton Meintjes, Nicola Mulder, Scott Hazelhurst, Gerrit Botha, Ananyo Choudhury, Mamana MbiyavangaMamana Mbiyavanga
The linked site ( serves annotation of the genotyping microarray designed by H3ABioNet and the H3Africa Consortium.

The content of the array includes:
  • A backbone of probes, selected from existing Illumina pools, selected to maximise imputation of African populations
  • Novel variants, discovered from African sequence data
  • Markers requested by the H3Africa projects
  • Clinically relevant markers seen to be polymorphic in African datasets
The site provides information on the content of the array, including.
  • See if a specific marker is assayed on the array
  • View the coverage of a region
  • Visualise the orientation of the probe sequence of a probeset
  • See probe plots from a real dataset
  • View annotations


H3ABioNet: informatics solutions for H3Africa

National Human Genome Research Institute

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