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Mapping sectors for high employment and low carbon growth in South Africa: Appendices A-F.

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posted on 13.09.2021, 09:46 by Nicola WillsNicola Wills, Harald WinklerHarald Winkler, Anthony Black
Appendix A - List of subsectors and what they include (Tregenna, 2010)
Appendix B - Statistical release P0441. Gross domestic product Fourth quarter 2014. StatsSA (2015)
Appendix C - Supply and Use Tables 2015-2017 (StatsSA)
Appendix D - IEMP Employment (formal & informal) 2005-2015
Appendix E - eSAGE-SATIM sector mapping (Faaiqa Hartley)
Appendix F - Mapping process (author's own analysis)


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