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Box 2: In Performance of Tia Maji – Entering the Theatre – Entering Another Time

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posted on 2021-05-03, 13:32 authored by Bronwen ClachertyBronwen Clacherty, Sylvia Bruinders, Sumangala Damodaran
This video clip was filmed by Dex Goodman on 3 October 2019. It shows a sample of the doctoral performance of Tia Maji, which was performed on 2–4 October 2019 at the Theatre Arts Admin Collective, Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa. This video accompanies Bronwen Clacherty’s (2021) PhD dissertation entitled “Understanding the History of Women's Lives in Zanzibar Through Song and Story: A Gendered Perspective.” It is titled according to an accompanying box of text found in the dissertation, describing the intersection of performance and theory.


National Research Foundation

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Re-Centring AfroAsia Project



South African College of Music