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posted on 2019-05-02, 12:40 authored by Maggie MarxMaggie Marx, Gillian HansloGillian Hanslo
This is a collection of policy briefs created and disseminated over the course of PRIME's grant period of eight years.Contained in this collection are the following policy briefs:

PRIME Policy Brief 2. May 2013. Scale up of services for mental health in low-income and middle-income countries. Julian Eaton, Layla McCay, Maya Semrau, Sudipto, Chatterjee, Florence Baingana,Ricardo, Araya, Christina Ntulo,Graham, Thornicroft, Shekhar Saxena.

PRIME Policy Brief 3. May 2013. Human Resources for mental health care: current situation and strategies for action. Ritsuko Kakuma, Harry Minas, Nadja van Ginneken, Mario R Dal Poz, Keshav Desiraju, Jodi E Morris, Shekhar Saxena, Richard M Scheffler.

PRIME Policy Brief 4. November 2013.The acceptability and feasibility of task sharing for mental healthcare in low and middle income countries: a systematic review. Prianka Pamanathan, Mary J De Silva.

PRIME Policy Brief 7. December 2014. Setting priorities for mental health care in Nepal: a formative study by Mark J D Jordans, Nagendra P Luitel, Mark Tomlinson and Ivan Komproee.

PRIME Policy Brief 8. January 2015. Demand and access to mental health services: a qualitative formative study in Nepal by Natassia F Brenman, Nagendra P Luitel, Sumaya Mall and Mark J D Jordans.

PRIME Policy Brief 9. March 2015. Psychiatric stigma and discrimination in South Africa: perspectives from key stakeholders by Catherine O Egbe, Carrie Brooker-Sumner, Tasneem, Kathree, One Selohilwe, Graham Thornicroft and Inge Petersen.

PRIME Policy Brief 10. October 2015: British Journal Of Psychiatry Supplement. Integration of mental health into primary care in low- and middle income countries: the PRIME mental health care plans.

PRIME Policy Brief 11. October 2017. A collaborative integrated package for common mental disorders as part of chronic care in South Inge Petersen, Arvin Bhana, Lara Fairall, One Selohilwe, Tasneem Kathree, Emily Baron, Sujit D Rathod, Crick Lund.

PRIME Policy Brief 12 November 2017 Proactive community case-finding to facilitate treatment seeking for mental disorders in Nepal by Mark JD Jordans, Brandon A Kohrt, Nagendra P Luitel, Crick Lund & Ivan H Komproee

PRIME Policy Brief 13. May 2018. Social determinants of mental disorders and the Sustainable Development Goals: a systematic review of reviews by Crick Lund, Carrie Brooke-Sumner, Florence Baingana, Emily Claire Baron, Erica Breuer, Prabha Chandra, Johannes Haushofer, Helen Herrman, Mark Jordans, Christian Kieling, Maria Elena Medina-Mora, Ellen Morgan, Olayinka Omigbodun, Wietse Tol, Vikram Patel, Shekhar Saxena.

PRIME Policy Brief 13. July 2018. Bridging the gap: the way forward for intersectoral provision of mental health Carrie Brooke‑Sumner, Crick Lund & Inge Petersen.

PRIME Policy Brief 16. August 2018. Treatment gap and barriers for mental health care: a cross-sectional community survey in Nepal. Nagendra P Luitel, Mark J D Jordans, Brandon A Kohrt, Sujit D Rathod & Ivan H Komproee

PRIME Policy Brief 17. August 2018.Validation of the Brief Mental Health Screening Tool (BMH) Arvin Bhana, Ntokozo Mntambo, Gugu Gigaba, Merridy Grant, Dianne Ackerman, Zamasomi Luvuno, Ellen Ntswe & Inge Petersen.

Implementation of PRIME mental health care plan in Sehore district, Madya Pradesh, India: outcomes and learnings.

Scaling up mental health services in Madhya Pradesh through the ‘Mann-Kaksha’ model.


UK Department for International Development [201446]



Program for Improving Mental Health Care (PRIME)