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posted on 2019-04-29, 11:25 authored by Mark FleishmanMark Fleishman

Text of the play In the City of Paradise freely adapted from Aeschylus Oresteia.

In the City of Paradise is a modern reworking of the ancient story of the House of Atreus in which the descendants of Atreus and Thyestes are locked in an ongoing internecine blood feud. It was originally created in 1998, during the time of the TRC, in workshop with students at UCT under the direction of Mark Fleishman. The play is a reflection on justice and vengeance in our time and situation in the aftermath of apartheid. It brings into sharp focus the fact that many of the same issues still predominate in our society today, unresolved and festering wounds unleash violent and destructive forces that frustrate possibilities for social cohesion.

The production was reworked and produced by Magnet Theatre in 2015.



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