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What might learning design become in the post-COVID university?: A response to Sue Bennett’s “Learning Design Voices” provocation

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posted on 2022-08-19, 09:26 authored by Sukaina Walji


This chapter is a response to a provocation piece in the Learning Design Voices edited volume. Written by Sukaina Walji, this chapter responds to Sue Bennet’s provocation on “What might learning design become in the post-COVID university?”

This piece helps to think about Learning Design as field, praxis and identity in a South African context. Learning design has emerged as an area of work or practice, a space for research, and a marker of professional identity. How is learning design seen? How is learning design viewed in different contexts?  How do we, or should we, support the development of learning design? These are pertinent questions relevant in the field which Sukaina helps us answer, in part through a socio-material lens.


UCT Teaching Grant & Hewlett Mentoring Writers Fund



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